Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roach Attack

I was on the phone past midnight when I suddenly saw a COCKROACH in my room! Yes, in my room.. I swear it's the 1st time I've ever seen such a creature in my room. My room is extremely clean! It would not have survived in my room naturally. I despise its mere existence in my room and plotted to kill it. Well, I had to. Imagine it crawling over me or in my boxers during my sleep.. Or or kissing me without my consent. wth. Would've been ugly I tell you (I don't dare to imagine).

I manage to corner it and got ready to smash it with a roll of newspaper. couldn't spray it to death as I would die inhaling poison all night. Alright, it won't kill me but even you couldn't have slept with the smell channelling into your nostrils, could you? So, as Teddy Geiger sang it, ''I mustered every ounce of confidence I have'' to smash it to bits. However, deep inside me i was actually afraid of it fleeing towards my general direction and crawling over my feet. Darn geli! It's worse because they're fast and furious as well. Once, I tried to kill one and it ended up chasing me instead.

Back to the plot. I finally gave it a go after minutes of meditating and perfecting the smashing motion to smash it back to Hell.

Yes lah.. -.-

My weapon hit everything but the roach. I obviously missed it as it read my move and quickly ran behind my bookshelf and it was over. There's nothing else to do now but lose. She laughed on the phone because the whole thing was supposedly funny. wth. Not so funny when it's in your room! oh wait.. nvm. Once she sprayed a roach and ended up laughing on the floor. Don't ask how. Complex mysteries. So i got my stuff ( blanket, HP and water) and went downstairs to sleep on the sofa. Got up the next morn only to find out that it was gone. see! I told you.. It could never have endured such cleanliness.

Stay out roaches!


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