Monday, November 23, 2009

She has left..

World, Clarys has left...

No, not left me. But the Online World. You see, she is obsessed with putting things into categories and there cannot be exceptions. It must also categorised perfectly. She has (I mean had), two email accounts; live and gmail. She wanted to categorise them into Unofficial and of course, Official email accounts. So she decided to use live for Unofficial and gmail for Official. We all know that we log in into Facebook and other similar accounts with our emails.

Official stuff : Work, University and other important things.
Unofficial stuff: Social activities, Facebook, weheartit, MSN, Blogger


Notice that Blogger is under Google. Her gmail is supposed to be for Official stuff not blogging. Here is when she started calling me to ask for a solution...

Our conversation is somewhat summarised as follows:

Rys: Help!
Mel: Stop being so obsessed and let it go. Make an exception and put it under live.
Rys: No! Blogger must be under gmail. It feels right because they are both by Google.
Mel: =.= Then put under gmail.
Rys: Cannot! gmail is for official stuff. I cant be reading through important stuff then suddenly find an email about the latest shopping offers!
Mel:OMG... Anyway, I have a problem with Youtube too. Everytime I sign in gmail, my Youtube account which is under hotmail signs out.
Rys: Wth. Why can't Google buy over MSN too so I don't need a live account. I can use 1 gmail for official and the other for unofficial. And I feel like I would need a Youtube account!

Things are now worse because now she had 2 things of the same conflict. Youtube and Blogger are for Unofficial stuff but they are under Google. Finally, she found a solution.

Rys: I'm leaving the Online World!

After trying to convince her that it is a crazy solution because then she would be living an isolated life (everything is online now!), she strongly affirmed "No, I've left the online world!"

While saying that, she was still on her MSN. LOL =p

Anyway, she really has left and will not be reading this unless it is printed out. Wth right?

To her wonderful friends, please try to get her back here so that our Online World would be less boring.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cant Wait

Exam is around the corner.. next week that is. I know I'm supposed to be studying now but I'm just done for today. The weather's too good to be studying. It has been cold and the air is refreshing. My whole week has been crazy with exams tips and photocopying notes and past year papers. I'm under a lot of pressure to perform this time. Because I've got a lot to lose. If I don't achieve what I need to be able to be accepted into the University of Melbourne,I might pretty well be living in Caulfield, far away from Rys in Australia next year. Worse, I might be stuck in Malaysia and never experience studying overseas. I don't want those.

I have to do well and I'm stressed out. I'm sorry Rys for being mean to you these few days. You don't deserve it. I hope that you forgive me and understand my situation. I don't want to be far from you.

However, it wasn't black skies all the time. On Thursday, something really brightened my week. My scheming Rys surprised me in University and brought lunch. Her scheme is a long and smart one and shall not be revealed here for the sake of all other boyfriends who may have scheming girlfriends as well. The point is, it was so wonderful for her to wake up early in the morning to prepare my lunch when otherwise she would've normally slept till the afternoon. That lazy thing. Thank you, Rys!

Well, I would wish all Monashians and exam people the best. I just can't wait for all of this to be over. Then, I would be able to spend time with the ones i love, particularly Rys and thank her for being so patient.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You might have gotten me wrong

Sometimes I say things in a wrong way. Stringing my sentences with the wrong tone or words. Words that could be interpreted in other ways, altering my actual meaning. We had a big fight that day, one which would've been the last of us. So, this is BIG. I have to make this clear, if not clearer. To whomever I have given the impression that my girlfriend is irrational, not understanding and anything else under the Sun along those lines, "You might have gotten me wrong!" Please, I'm sure I have complained a little about her sulking but she has her reasons and believe me, they make sense. Most of the time it's my fault. No one can truly comprehend the obscure mind of a woman. Really, I think it's much worse than Rocket Science. In Rocket Science, there are formulas. In a woman's mind, the formulas never work because they are constantly mutating along with her feelings! She can be annoying at times(often in a good way) but is one of the most forgiving and caring person you'd ever come across in your entire life. Thus, from now on, I'm choosing my words wisely because it matters.

On another note, she is the only one who understands what I actually mean when I say those things in the wrong way. Thank God there won't be misunderstandings there. =)

PS: The paragraph above may have contained some unwisely-chosen words. It's work in progress. =p


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Since my last update er... bout 2 months ago, you should assume that I've been through a lot of things. I've been caught up with assingments (4 in total), deadlines, late nights and other unpleasant stuff. I'm still getting used to uni life and the totally alien subjects to me. This transition period is taking its toll.

Accounts is self-explanatory and i finally know how to record the transactions, where to credit and where to debit. The textbook was a little confusing as it is illustrated things like a 4-year-old assuming I know the basics. Dr Ravi said it's very good but seriously, I needed more detailed explanations. Dr Ravi is my AFW1000 lecturer&tutor and he's funny. He keeps telling us to get something done and "move on with life". Talks to himself often and advises us to be accountants. Whenever he talks to himself he would do a pause-of-realisation that whatever he's saying has nothing to do with the syllabus, says nevermind and continues with the slides.

Management is texting. The 2nd assignment must be around 2250 words. It's not a lot, "just" 1250 words longer than the first... Dr Elaine's lectures are mostly about her experiences which are interesting nonetheless. Think I've learnt more about Japan and China than about the management theory itself. Tutor Dr Ho makes us think too much. It drains my braincells and makes me tired. And guess when are his tutorials? 1st class of the week first thing in the morning 9 am. He asks definitions, what-ifs, why this why that. argh.. It's really good though.

Econs stands out to me the most as it reminds me of science. Theories and applications. Graphs and analysis. It's really interesting, how the markets work and how society makes decisions. Free-rider problem lol. Lecturer and tutor Mr Wong looks like Eric Kartman from South Park but not vulgar. =p

Finally, Statistics! Dr Soo's very caring and knows her stuff. ANOVA, t-statistics, z-stats, Confidence Interval. etc. I cant imagine any other lecturer teaching stats. I mean, stats is stats.. someone's gotta teach it and i respect her though there may be some slight mispronunciations here and there. Her 'zero' is sometimes 'jiwo/jillo' wtv. sounds the same to me. yea anyway, she forces us to make mind maps which kills all of us. However, i personally think that it actually helped us understand better.

gtg now. accounts assignment due thurs.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back From The Hols

Yes finally! Uni will be starting soon and I can't wait to get up and start working the nights off again. Well on a normal day I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about workloads but enough is enough. I've been really decomposing for the past 2 months and I feel the need to put my brain to use once again. It has been resting too long, almost fading away. Wth I'm going to be dumb if I don't start thinking at a higher level!

Haha back to my "Draft of My Life", I've decided on Commerce. Maybe I wanted to be a doctor just cuz I was always a science student. Who knows, I may love this new thing more. I have to at least. My new passion will develop and I'll find a way to channel my previous one into this.

So orientation week has already begun and I've skipped today's session on "Study Skills". Wow, tell me what I've missed. Just yesterday, I met up with Arjun who was enrolled in the same course. Guess what he said to me. "You've got a very strong Indian accent ah.."

Great, an Indian telling me I have the Indian accent. Must be some really strong accent I must say. It most probably has something to do with Saachi, after 7 years knowing the guy. Besides that, I've been hanging out with Thomas, a Malayali (counted as Indian lah) in Uni.

Oh, that day I received a very nice gift from MPSJ. RM80 ticket for parking in front of some old man's house near TCSJ. Not even sure if anyone lives there. Now I have to starve to pay for that. Well I can't even think of not paying it and run away but I have to pass MPSJ everytime I go to Uni. So wth.


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