Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back From The Hols

Yes finally! Uni will be starting soon and I can't wait to get up and start working the nights off again. Well on a normal day I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about workloads but enough is enough. I've been really decomposing for the past 2 months and I feel the need to put my brain to use once again. It has been resting too long, almost fading away. Wth I'm going to be dumb if I don't start thinking at a higher level!

Haha back to my "Draft of My Life", I've decided on Commerce. Maybe I wanted to be a doctor just cuz I was always a science student. Who knows, I may love this new thing more. I have to at least. My new passion will develop and I'll find a way to channel my previous one into this.

So orientation week has already begun and I've skipped today's session on "Study Skills". Wow, tell me what I've missed. Just yesterday, I met up with Arjun who was enrolled in the same course. Guess what he said to me. "You've got a very strong Indian accent ah.."

Great, an Indian telling me I have the Indian accent. Must be some really strong accent I must say. It most probably has something to do with Saachi, after 7 years knowing the guy. Besides that, I've been hanging out with Thomas, a Malayali (counted as Indian lah) in Uni.

Oh, that day I received a very nice gift from MPSJ. RM80 ticket for parking in front of some old man's house near TCSJ. Not even sure if anyone lives there. Now I have to starve to pay for that. Well I can't even think of not paying it and run away but I have to pass MPSJ everytime I go to Uni. So wth.


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