Monday, January 19, 2009

Draft of my life

Commerce.. or Medicine.. what the f***. I am torn between these 2 completely opposite careers. One puts his life on hold to care for the lives of others while the other tears lives whenever he pleases to save himself. Well what kind of person am I? I have the grades, the passion, the vision and aspiration to do medicine but yet I want to get out of it. Why damn it, WHY? Shouldn't it be clear what I should be doing? It's not that simple really. So I'm glad i get the opportunity to chill at Pangkor later (its 1.42 am) to clear my head and think it through. Pros and cons. Wants and don't wants. Dreams to fulfill and desires to sacrifice. Which would really keep my going? At this moment, I think I know.. and you'll find out when I get back from Pangkor in 3 days(thats on wednesday), I hope.


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Yeelian said...

Dont forget to ask the Lord, Mel...remember to seek His will and not your own! :)

I'm very sure He will lead you to where you are supposed to be, if you would submit this to Him.

Much love!

Jeff Dunham and Melvin