Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Rulez... No.. not the ROCK ON! kind of rules. Not GEMPAK! crap. But rules as in peraturan-peraturan. Why do we live by rules? Guidelines? I seriously can't believe that i still have curfews. CURFEWS! I mean, what are my parents trying to raise? Girls? wth. C'mon give my brother and I a break. We're almost 19! Oh yea IF you've noticed the WE, you see I have this fraternal twin brother so please do not come to me looking surprised saying, "But you two don't look alike!". Biology recap: Two eggs(woo, go mom!), two sperms(nice, dad!), same genetic composition but two different genetic expressions. Hence, we're not alike with different interests and dislikes. Just get over the stereotypes!

Anyway, back to the point here people. As I was saying, almost 19. NINETEEN (English). Sembilan belas (Bahasa Melayu or has it been changed again to Bahasa Malaysia?). Sap kao(Cantonese). Sher jiu (Mandarin). Pate umbhode ( Tamil, according to Saachi's lessons). We're way passed the age of consent. We can drink, club, watch 18SX movies and sleep around already so give us some space! You've raised us well and thus shall be confident with the upbringing and let us roam this colourful earth which needs us both. OK. We know you worry and pray for our safety and what not. It's hard not to with all the unpleasant news flying in every morning about some innocent mamak-goer getting robbed and slashed. He just had a bad day that's all. Stop reading the papers then!

Alright maybe I'm getting a little carried away but seriously, stop this madness. As our country runs on Democracy, I think my household runs on Communism. Curfews and propagandas(lectures). Whatever reason or promise we give for a way out, it's just not good enough. Anyway, thank God for caring parents people. Why am I contradicting myself? Haih.. I just have to live with it.

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