Saturday, May 2, 2009


Since my last update er... bout 2 months ago, you should assume that I've been through a lot of things. I've been caught up with assingments (4 in total), deadlines, late nights and other unpleasant stuff. I'm still getting used to uni life and the totally alien subjects to me. This transition period is taking its toll.

Accounts is self-explanatory and i finally know how to record the transactions, where to credit and where to debit. The textbook was a little confusing as it is illustrated things like a 4-year-old assuming I know the basics. Dr Ravi said it's very good but seriously, I needed more detailed explanations. Dr Ravi is my AFW1000 lecturer&tutor and he's funny. He keeps telling us to get something done and "move on with life". Talks to himself often and advises us to be accountants. Whenever he talks to himself he would do a pause-of-realisation that whatever he's saying has nothing to do with the syllabus, says nevermind and continues with the slides.

Management is texting. The 2nd assignment must be around 2250 words. It's not a lot, "just" 1250 words longer than the first... Dr Elaine's lectures are mostly about her experiences which are interesting nonetheless. Think I've learnt more about Japan and China than about the management theory itself. Tutor Dr Ho makes us think too much. It drains my braincells and makes me tired. And guess when are his tutorials? 1st class of the week first thing in the morning 9 am. He asks definitions, what-ifs, why this why that. argh.. It's really good though.

Econs stands out to me the most as it reminds me of science. Theories and applications. Graphs and analysis. It's really interesting, how the markets work and how society makes decisions. Free-rider problem lol. Lecturer and tutor Mr Wong looks like Eric Kartman from South Park but not vulgar. =p

Finally, Statistics! Dr Soo's very caring and knows her stuff. ANOVA, t-statistics, z-stats, Confidence Interval. etc. I cant imagine any other lecturer teaching stats. I mean, stats is stats.. someone's gotta teach it and i respect her though there may be some slight mispronunciations here and there. Her 'zero' is sometimes 'jiwo/jillo' wtv. sounds the same to me. yea anyway, she forces us to make mind maps which kills all of us. However, i personally think that it actually helped us understand better.

gtg now. accounts assignment due thurs.


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