Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You might have gotten me wrong

Sometimes I say things in a wrong way. Stringing my sentences with the wrong tone or words. Words that could be interpreted in other ways, altering my actual meaning. We had a big fight that day, one which would've been the last of us. So, this is BIG. I have to make this clear, if not clearer. To whomever I have given the impression that my girlfriend is irrational, not understanding and anything else under the Sun along those lines, "You might have gotten me wrong!" Please, I'm sure I have complained a little about her sulking but she has her reasons and believe me, they make sense. Most of the time it's my fault. No one can truly comprehend the obscure mind of a woman. Really, I think it's much worse than Rocket Science. In Rocket Science, there are formulas. In a woman's mind, the formulas never work because they are constantly mutating along with her feelings! She can be annoying at times(often in a good way) but is one of the most forgiving and caring person you'd ever come across in your entire life. Thus, from now on, I'm choosing my words wisely because it matters.

On another note, she is the only one who understands what I actually mean when I say those things in the wrong way. Thank God there won't be misunderstandings there. =)

PS: The paragraph above may have contained some unwisely-chosen words. It's work in progress. =p


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