Friday, May 30, 2008

My 1st Bottle of Whiskey

Hey all! This shall be my first post and hopefully not the last.. like what's going on on Saachi's blog. Well I just got back from Melaka with my classmates ofr 3 days and 2 nights and it was memorable. We rented a villa with 4 rooms to house all 17 of us. I had a chance to drink whiskey on the 2nd night.. Vasanth managed to sneak in a bottle of Black Label into the room. Five of us (Thomas, Vasanth, Shine, Philip and ME!) played this drinking game that was totally new to me. Well actually any drinkning game would be totally new to me. Each would have a turn to finish a line and here's how it goes:

1 frog

Fell into the water


2 frogs

Fell into the water

Fell into the water




So as you can see, the one who wrecks first would wreck all the way. Shine, being himself, made mistakes on purpose so he could have more than what he paid for (the bottle cost RM149 and we paid Rm30 each) even though he was new to drinking just like me. Ms Rachel, my English lecturer who came along, did not really know about our little drinking party until I went out to the hall to grab a chair. After a few exchanges of words,

Ms Rachel: You all drinking is it?

Me : Haha. Yea finishing the coke.

Ms Rachel: Then why is your face red?

I looked into the mirror and it was then that i realised that my face was completely RED. You know the make up those Chinese Opera singers have on? Yea, I was like that. It's extremely embarassing to upload the pic of me with 'make up' on so I guess I'll just leave it to your imagination, which may or may not be worse. Anyway she was all cool about it and even joined us to play Mafia. Before this, we decided that we would never finish the bottle if we continue with the drinking game so we screwed it and just drank freely. Altogether I had about 4 shots and i think Shine drank about 6. He ended up throwing out.. How cool is that?!

As for me, I did not get high enough to not know what's going on around me, thought everything around me seems to be moving slightly. All I can say is that it was a cool night for me because it was something new, with new found friends, a new taste of life, My First Bottle of Whiskey..

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