Saturday, May 31, 2008

'Sticky' Day

So it's a Saturday right, and it's like a sane thing to play basketball with the guys at BU3. Was rusty early on but later when we got serious with some ex-BU11 school players, I was ON. I may not be bragging but I think I scored most of the points and we won in the end with a finishing touch from Justin. Then, we ate at the mamak while watching the Boston Celtics win Detroit on ESPN to proceed to the Conference Finals(The Basketball Finals for those who don't know shit about NBA). It was a great game and pretty close too. By the way, the Detroit Pistons was always the champions of the Eastern Conference until now.

So anyway, I got back and went online. Of course, I did all the things I should do after coming back from basketball like take a shower, look for things in the refrigerator, 'use' the toilet and what not. While chatting with Vasanth, we randomly suggested to go out to The Curve at 2:30 even though it was already 1:something. So he called up some more people but failed to get the girls. In the end, it was only 4 of us guys.. going out together.. watching a movie.

Thomas, Shine, Me and Vasanth (Pic taken in Melaka)

Vasanth and I went there early and got tickets for Superhero Movie instead of our initial Ironman. Yes, we have not watched Ironman yet but Superhero Movie just got to us 'cuz we really wanted to laugh our heads off. The movie was purely stupidity and managed to leave me breathless from laughing. I won't say it's a waste of money but we need to have fun once in a while right?

However, while waiting for the 5:50 movie, we went for karaoke to kill time and so that Vasanth could practice for his SAM Idol contest. At first it was only Vasanth and I as we went earlier but Thomas and Shine soon joined in the fun. We sang all kinds of songs, including a Malay song, whatever it's called. Our last song was literary the bomb! In The End-Linkin Park. To round it up, we went mad during the chorus and other shouting parts. We really had some sort of a mosh pit in that small 5X5ft room. We threw our stools around and punched at each other. Rockers wei!

Well, all in all. I had a 'sticky' day if you know what I mean. Hung out with only guys the whole day. This was one of thoses 'batang' moments and I'm not really proud of it but we had a blast. If there were girls involved, we wouldn't be able to loose ourselves. In fact, I don't think that the girls would even make it to The Curve (It was a last minute plan and there's only bout 1 insufficient hour to get ready)

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