Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adventure '08

Tuesday, 3rd June: I was still on hols but i planned to wake up at 630 to go to college. I had a long day ahead of me and it turned out even longer than i could have ever expected. I accidentally woke up at 530 and only realised the time after i had brushed my teeth(nice..). Alright, here were the plans:

-practice worship songs for CF (10:00 am)
-have breakfast with Clarys and the rest of the busmates (11:oo am)
-spend time with Khye Theng as she will be leaving college for a better one! (12:00 pm)
-go out with classmates to RedBox in Pyramid (1.00 pm)
-BBQ at Kai Xin's house (6:00 pm)
Ok, things always never go the way it is planned. Everything went well except the BBQ. We started late.. around 8 and took 20 mins to start the fire. While waiting for Thomas,Kai Xin, Kah Shin and Ser Lyn ( we we're late cuz they couldn't get the BBQ set earlier), Vasanth drove Shine and I around the neighbourhood to look at the beautiful houses, including Shine's house. It is MASSIVE! His bedroom is probably bigger than my hall. Ok maybe that's a little too big but it's still big! Anyway, Vasanth was kind enough to let me drive around with his car for practice(cuz i failed my road test 14/20 wth) and perhaps stupidly brave to let Shine drive cuz Shine is just Shine and he hasn't driven before..

So, BBQ was good and we managed to avoid eating uncooked meat. All thanks to me for controlling the fire and teaching them the way to BBQ through my experience. We had to sit near the fire and hold our skewers as the grill was rated "hazardous" by Kah Shin and I. However, Vasanth being the rocker he is didn't give a damn bout the grill and even forced us to leave our meat on it.

Our BBQ set which was actually Adeline Chan's

Thomas - Ser Lyn - Shine - Kai Xin

After the BBQ, we rented a Korean horror movie called "Someone's Behind You". It had some retarted storyline and we had to watch the 1st 5 mins again to figure it out. No doubt it got my heart to stop beating for a moment though it wasn't as scary as The Ring. When the movie had ended, Shine started to play with the electrical racquet and zapped any damn thing that came his AND our way. We realised he went back to his roots and became a Sabahan jacun again. After that, (as Shine was still zapping away) we just chilled and talked when suddenly Vasanth suggested to go to Genting Highlands. It was 12 plus in the morn.. -.-

All of us before the movie
(Vas is already scared)

To be continued...

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