Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello!!!! hehehe...XD Hani here! not Mellon but Hani! hehe..I've been complaining bout how dead Melvins blog i decided to blog for him! muahahhaa.. see la Mel.. kesian your blog.. dibiarkan just like that.. Your blog requires love and care too you know?? Even the stonned ponnies look bored la k! hahahaha :P

Well before i start telling my grandma stories bout Melvin, let me just say I'm one of Melvins bus mates! hehe XD I think this post will be good for all you Melvin fans, espcially his female fans as I'll tell you bout Melvin.. up close and personal.. so close.. that u can even see his shoes!

The overly white nike shoes belongs to Mel :)

I'll bring you so closeeeeeee that u can see his fingers!! *gasps* XD

can you guess which is his??

Melvin Yeow.. the first time i met him.. he looked so like baik you know! macho and all! hhahahah.. was all a lie!! hahaha..a LIE i tell you.. look at his face!!

Do NOT be deceived by that innocent look!! he is so not innocent k..

Evidence 1 : That is Melvin's finger!! hahaha.. Melvin.. tsk tsk.. *shakes head* :P Everyone so baik give knuckle.. you just had to stick your finger out la XD

Melvin is also extremely perasan!!

Evidence 1 :If u play cards with him, and he wins he'll say

"cehh..what a boring game.." -.-

Evidence 2 : if he doesn't like the card you put down, he'll say

"ehhh!!! dunno how to count ah???"

This is him..very into his cards XD

Evidence 3 :Another incident happened a few days back..proving that he is indeed perasan.. we were talking bout mirrors and stuff..then he said

" also scared to look at the scared i might get attracted to myself"

rrrrrrightttt la mellon! XD

Melvin loves to camwhore

No people..he is NOT camera shy ok!! He is a camwhore! he's worse than chicks!! hahaha.. he's like ever ready to pose i tell you! Di mana ada Kamera, Di situ ada Melvin XD hehehe.. he's like ok 1..2...3... *pose*... 1 2 3! *pose* hahahaha XD

If you think im a camwhore...think again mannn!!

HAHAHHA XD believe me now??? This is his cool look laa.. no im not saying he is cool :P he thinks he is cool! :P he actually said this before taking the picture :

"eh..faster take my picture..i feel cool now"

hahahhahahahahhaah......Melvin, you make me laugh XD

I think his love for the camera definitely paid off.. his really stiff movement was definitely recognised as he was not only in the running to become, but is the champion of ....

hahahahahahahahhah!!! as u can see in the background...Clarys was also laughing! XD but not bad la..Maybe you know some shop might hire you.. :P

Moving on...Melvin also stalks me!!! hahahahha XD as you can see in the picture below.. he has that naughty look while I on the other hand look so super duper extremely innocent and scared XD hahahahha..Mel..try not to follow me around k next week?? :P

Ellen thinks this pic looks as though Melvin was changing and i was peeping so he covered himself with the curtain -.- hehehe..nahh..i go with the he's stalking me theory XD hahahaha

On the other hand,

lol.. Melvin is actually pretty cool la! know why?? coz he's a february baby!! XD (like me) .Melvin is also a really nice fellar and quite funny also :) He is smart man! he whoooped my ass in bio.. thats terrible man ..terrible XD.. hehehe.. he is also considerate towards others la.. every time he eats something.. before offering me he'll go

"eh..halal ah??"

So to end my grandma story .. i have come to a conclusion that

Hani is chunted man....chunted.. HAHAH XD..

okla .. im not that mean

Melvin rocks! :D

Bye!! :D


clarys said...

Nice post, HANI ! Hoho .. Female fans? What about his MALE FANS?! D:

Hani said...

haha! thank u clarys :D... he has male fans??? :P

Jeff Dunham and Melvin