Wednesday, July 16, 2008

GoodBye Hani..

Remember my 'busmate', Hani.. Yeah, she'll be leaving us soon.. real soon. She received the MARA scholarship to do A-levels in Sepang. Now it is surely depressing, suppressing, oppressing and what not but we should be happy for her. I am. At least I know that her future and career as a dentist is already paved for her and all she has to do now is to skip the unpleasant stones along the way.

Let me just say a little bit about Hani. I remember the first time we met.. on the bus. haha hence the name busmate. Being the gentleman I am(ahem), I remember offering her a seat one day. Those were the days when Clarys did not really think of saving a seat for me. So, I moved to sit inside and we sat together and did the human thing, talk. It wasn't long before we discovered we had the same ESL lecturer, the sporting Ms Rachel.

Anyway, it has been more than half a year since we have known each other and we became much more than mere 'busmates'. We became friends, if you know what i mean. Haha i mean, we became friends that actually care, share, joke, and study (nerded for Mid Year) together and not just seeing each other on the bus while camwhoring the whole journey back.

Hani.. .. ..

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