Friday, August 8, 2008

Life so far

I know I know.. It's been almost a month now since my last post. Too many things have been going on in my own world. Just don't get how you people find so much time to blog bout stuff. To make it up to you, I'm actually taking the liberty to fill you in eventhough im in the midst of exams. As usual, assignments and exams attacked me.. wth. Did really bad for Bio CT3.. gotta work super hard to get that TER i need now. its not as if im not trying, but there were too many things in my head.

This week, the college had a
Charity Carnival for the China and Myanmar victims. Apparently this event had a better turn out and more number of stalls compared to the previous years. Well, the Christian Fellowship stall sold Chicken Rice Balls and Konyaku jellies! I helped out a bit for bout an hour or so but gave up and went stolling around with Clarys.

HAHA we came across this stall which challenged only the
masters of chopsticks. We had to ''chopstick'' 6 plastic balls out from a basin of water within 30 seconds. Feeling i was Chinese enough, i took the challenge and amazed myself. i'd have probably finished it in 15 seconds if i'd just shut up bout my chinese inheritance (yes i was talking at the same time.. wat to do.. too pro de xD). Anyway, it was Clarys' turn and well you might have already guessed it. Think she had one more left to ''chopstick". it must have been cuz of all the clawing in the Haunted House that flawed her mastery.

The carnival was a complete success and all profit made are going to the victims. Saachi got dunked at his Dunking booth about a million times and just so you know Sach, Hani saw your wet look.. i begged her not to comment. Finally... my world came crashing to the depths of remorse and disgust. My white shoe was tainted wit RED paint from Ying Xian's handprint banner! *dies* i had to endure 2 hours of intense scrubbing and cloroxing till my eyes burnt from the fumes and anger(jf i could only be outraged).

Signing off now as i need to study and prepare for more assignments.. SAM is really Student Abuse Motherland.. Dat's how i put it.. Will keep you updated (LOL)

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