Thursday, August 28, 2008

Study TTDIans, Study..

I could still remember the 'words of encouragement' frm Pn. Saleha of my high school. She was rather commanding us, her proud TTDIans, to get our priorities right. She echoed, "Study TTDIans, study!"

OK. So trials is just round the edge of my cliff, right? And when i finally get there it's gonna be a straight plunge to the bottom of mere knowledge. Everything i've ever studied and payed attention in class (even for those i didn't) for the whole year would be vomited on every inch of the exam sheets. i could see myself studying till my eyes bleed and mucus running down my nose and ears? wth. i would have to start drooling on every page of Bio & Chem notes. The amount of reading that has to be done! i tell you, i could read the harry potter series twice and i don't even read regularly (i can barely finish a chapter a day)!

It's like 1 a.m now and i don't feel sleepy. it has to be the longed-for rest i had from 6 till 9 earlier. Don't blame me! The weather today, i mean yesterday, was just awesome. it still is. feels like autumn in Malaysia, if that's even possible. Who knows it might actually be due to global warming.. somehow. lol.

Well, something sounded wrong in my convo i had with Nicholas earlier.

Nic: i just wrote the tabs for the starting wanna see? very popular wan. wait i send u the tabs.
Me: wat program u used?
Nic: guitar pro 5. not bad rite
Me: yeng.
Nic: can playback also. wanna hear?
Me: yea wth
Nic: can get? not bad weih.. can add violin, guitar, bass and alot of stuff. saxophone aso can and
all lol
Me: haha nice. romance de amour. do sax i wanna hear.

well, im off to bed. stil thinking of those sweet, soft lips on my red cheek =)
yeah.. keep it to yourselves =.=
nights y'all!

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* [ F y z a ] * said...

""stil thinking of those sweet, soft lips on my red cheek =)""

Owhhh!! hahah..nicely said!!

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