Monday, September 29, 2008

dear friends,

before I begin abusing Melvin's blog, let me enlighten you on why. He wouldn't give me his real password, so I'm having my revenge. He doesn't trust me ! *cries* I would've given him mine !!


I wouldn't give anyone my password, either. So, I'm just abusing his blog for fun. Also, he said (and I quote him exactly. I got message history!) "u can do whatever u like". And I like abusing his blog. =p

Because I am annoying, I have decided to blog in PINK. Yes, I shall turn Melvin's blog PINK. Pink .. and .... cute .. and .. and .. and ... fluffy ! (wtf) I wish blogger would provide us with a wider range of pink. Nevermind. This pink will suffice. Maybe I'll turn his entire blog background pink as well...

In addition to turning his blog pink, I shall post cute photos to make his blog .. cute and .. girly ! Hah ! Cute photos such as ..

Omg ! Damn funny ! Hahahahha !!


Eeeeeeeeee !! Damn cb cute ! I have no idea what an A.D.D. is but it matters not !

Awww .. so sweet !

And and and ... the cute kitty photo that owns all !

Ta da !

Cute hor ? No ?

Okay. Now we shall move on to ... feminine things like shoes, shoes and more SHOES ! First up, Nine West !

Wah. Damn yeng shoes. I like. =p

Is green or purple nicer ? I kinda favour the green more, but purple looks cool too.

Aaaand .. Guess !

Lastly, my favourite of all ! Ever ! Stuart Weitzman !!

Super yeng shoe !

The coolest shoe. Ever.

And and and .. my favourite of all my favourites wtf.

Ta da !

This is the sexiest shoe ever. Go away. Don't disagree with me.

Ahem. Enough about shoes. To piss Melvin off further, I shall post a HUGE logo of ...

DETROIT PISTONS ! *throws confetti*

Unfortunately, we're both Arsenal fans, so I can't piss him off about football. ):

Okay la. That's all for today. I'm still contemplating whether or not to turn his blog background pink and fluffy. And perhaps, change his profile photo to something pink and cute. Hahahahahhaa !

Actually, we're going out tonight. So I hope he doesn't strangle me when he sees me. Remember ah, if I don't survive to make it to my own birthday party tomorrow .. You know who killed me. And why.

Oh wait. I think I have two potential murderers tonight. Mel and Sach. Melvin because I vandalised his blog. Duh. Sach because we plan to steal his shoes tonight. wtf. Don't ask. It's just that it's my last day as a 17 year old and I feel like committing some sort of felony. Last night, I suggested stealing Saachi's shoes and Melvin agreed. We laughed about it until our stomach damn pain. Poor Apples. Got such terrible friends like us.

I hope Sach doesnt read this. He'll never forgive me. It's all Melvin's fault !! *points at Mel*

Now that I have made his blog pink and cute and feminine.. I shall end it with ....


Are you ready ?


You sure ?

*more suspense*

*die from suspense wtf*

Ta da !

Half naked sexy guy !! HAHAHAHAHAHA ! I find it damn funny that Melvin's going to have a half naked sexy guy on his blog ! (Is anyone else laughing? I know. I have a warped sense of humour) HHAHAHAHAHA !! I actually wanted to put some Calvin Klein underwear model, but then .. not sexy la. So, I settled for CK perfume model ! Half naked sexy guy ! Phwoarr !!

Phew. It was quite hard thinking of cute, pink, annoying things.

But I did it.

Because I am a fruitcake.


You know you love me,

(MMS wtf)

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Yeelian said...

Damn funny lah you, dear! XD

ps. This is directed to C, not to Melvin! Sorry, man :P I love her more!

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