Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Guess whose birthday it is? that's right! it's Clarys'! We're gonna celebrate it together with Zean who was born a virgin (and still is.. foreva will be? hope not cuz damn sad) on the 28th 17 years ago. Happy bday u two! Rys is finally legal to do the things she normally does but Zean is still er.. illegal to do anything? haha

ive learnt something in church last Sun.
Confession is good for the soul and bad for
the devil. So coming back to my title. i have a confession. i needed to use the car yesterday so badly i kinda lied to get it. apparently i can only drive around Taman Tun where i live but OU and The Curve are just a few corners away. It's just not right being barred from driving to happenning places less than 2 km out of my house. where would i be able to go then? the only reasonable place to go would be the park, where i would rather jog to. ok so. i noe my parents would definitely not let me drive to Curve as OU was already such a big deal. I was almost busted when they wanted to drop me since they'll be having dinner there which would also eliminate my chance of getting the car. their excuse: dont waste petrol by driving 2 cars there. Plausible. Well, i eventually got the car by whining (i had to) throughout my shower about needing the car.

anyway, got the
car, guitar, lyrics and keys. Good to go. picked her up, went to Curve and Marche when suddenly my dad called to check on me. Busted. there was something in me that just could not lie anymore and my bubble popped. conviction has its grasp on me.

Dad: where are you in ou? Which part?
Me: I'm in restaurant de. er.. Marche.
Dad: oh marche ah ok. eh isnt that in curve?
Me: yes...

he went on the whole day advising me to drive carefully and worrying i might crash the car cuz that way WAS new to me. hahaha. DONT WORRY, DAD! im not sure which part of him wants to kill me and which still loves me. wth. mayb my parents are afraid of me being all too independant and flying away too soon with a car at my disposal. sort of. oh and another confesion
: sorry mom bout the phone bill. we talked till 5 am the other day. =p

to Sach/Macha/My Bro/Apples,
Rys and I are really sorry for plotting against you. its really her fault. anyway we din steal ur shoes last night la. We'll She'll be good from now on. U can always count on Clarys me Clarys. LOL

hmm.. i just could not have regreted more giving you access to my blog. but come to think of it. its not that bad. it showed me a side of you which was mad and subtle at the same time. and are the cats there to prove sumthg..? that somehow there's a cat in u that is trying to paw my blog to shreds? oh btw, ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. see you tonight... =)

in a totally unrelated topic, take this chance to drop by Sonia's blog for a huge laugh at http://boredomstriked.blogspot.com/2008/09/talk-about-sounding-wrong.html


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