Sunday, December 7, 2008

Corroboree Pics

More like Corroboree Pic (singular). I actually went through a lot trying to post the pics. 1stly, i did not save the pics in their enlarged form and thus the uploaded photos would've been small and distorted. 2ndly, when i was resaving (if there's such a term, well there is now! muahahaha) the pics in their enlarged form, some of the pics would not even fully load and i couldn't save them. By the time i got to save all of them, it was too late 4 me to upload the pics as it would take up my dreaming time ( i wanted dream more of you =p wth). 3rdly, i had to go throught some personal stuff bout the pics. Shit happends buts it's ok =)

So eventhough i have the patience to post the pics up now, i just think you'd probably seen all of them by now. Just visit my Facebook la for the pics. I really just wanted to post this..

Cheers to us!
*Coming soon on StarWorld*

Zmei had to go home.. =(

That's ok she's in our smiles =) ~well some of ours' lol


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