Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's just you

So what if there are photos of every one but you in my posts?

Yes, they do matter to me but you are different.

Not posting a single photo of you doesn't mean i love you less.

Doesn't mean you matter less or anything along those lines.

I don't have to show you to the world and let them know what you are to me.

I don't want blog readers to know who you are just in my posts.

I want people that matter to me know who you are in all of my life.

Well, now you know how much you mean to me..

It's just you

This is to Us 301108




clarys said...

(: (:

Yeelian said...

Aww, good to see everything going A-OK, my brother :D

All the best to you guys, will be missing your presence in college and in CF... :)


missnissa said...

awww. so schweet there mel (: you guys look adorable!

Jeff Dunham and Melvin