Monday, December 1, 2008

SAM Corroboree

Corroboree actually means a ceremonial meeting of Australian Aborigines where people from outside the committee are not permitted to participate or watch. I give credit to the lecturers for trying to preserve this tradition and not allowing students from other programs to buy tickets although this may not be the reason for such of an inconvenience for me. Yes i know some people managed to sneak other students in but being the somewhat noble person I am, i couldn't sneak anyone in not even my should-have-been date. I'm sorry life's unfair.

Well it was a very tiring day for me. I was on the phone since the night before till bout 6 am in the morn. Slept for a few hours before getting ready for rehearsals at the Grand Ballroom of Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. Practised at ECA from 1030 till 1230 and rehearsed at the ballroom till 330. I had to go over all of my THREE performances. That's like 32 cycles of deja vu. Took a cab home and started to get dressed up as Saachi was supposed to be at my door at bout 530-ish. So i managed to get ready in time and had a short nap or rather shutting of my eyes as Ellen put it before. When i thought i've waited long enough i decided to call the man.

Me: yo what time you coming ah. its like 6 already.
Sach: yea i know la. but the girls are stil doin their hair.
Me: wth
Sach: yea since 2 you know. i pick u up in 5 mins la and we'll go Ethan's house and see how.

At Ethan's house, Susan and Lyndy rushed out of Mrs Chua's car and the Princess was so shy she tried to hide under the dashboard. Sach and I tried to have a peep which made Ellen pester her mom violently to drive off. Well we were late anyway. haha. when we were all ready, after picking Ellen who had to leave poor Ki Jun behind up, Sach just couldn stop annoying her about how early we were supposed to leave. You see, Ellen on the day before texted " We must leave early ah at 530. Dun be late!" or something along those lines. And who was the last to get ready?? =p

The Corroboree went well actually. Way better than my high school prom. WAY BETTER. the crowd was ALIVE and LOUD. At my HS prom, noises were only coming from my group of friends. What went wrong i do not know. The food was.. er can't comment on it as i didn't eat much. I spent most of the time on stage performing. 1st up was performing a remix of Romance d' Amour, Cymbaline and Drive with Vasanth and Thomas who did a bit of awesome beatbox. 2nd was Salsa baby! and last up was Collide by Howie Day. They went well generally but the mics were a bit screwed up and Vasanth publicly announced his dislike for them. At the end of the day, I was exhausted. Took a few pics with my classmates, friends and random people who I've been seeing along the walkways. We all dispersed and most went to MOS but some of us had rooms for the night.

Pictures coming soon..


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